Post discharge and community support.

Canerows offers peer support to people who have recently left hospital and those needing short term support in the community.

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If you are interested in being part of a learning community and being trained in peer support ward visiting please do get in touch and complete the form contained in the downloadable zip file (also contains a personnel specification and job description).



Just to say a quick thanks to Lenitta Bailey, Tia San-Norton and Hamdi Afrah who are moving on to pastures new.


Friends and co-workers at Canerows have created a downloadable newsletter celebrating the life of Coral Hines.

Devon Marston Interview


Listen to Devon Marston (aka Wounded Healer) Black Lives Matter interview on Soundcloud.

Mama Low’s Eastbourne trip


Pictures and  quotes from all who went on the trip to Eastbourne.


Ward Visiting

Visitors engage in activities and offer non professional and practical help and advice. Views and suggestions are gathered and fed back to staff, helping to improve aspects of in patient care.


Canerows runs regular training courses in Ward Visiting. The three day Level 2 course is a requirement for the role. This and other Canerows peer support courses are accredited by the Open College Network.


Canerows organises regular consultation and information sharing forums on topics of concern to service users, offering a chance to socialise and contribute to the development of local services.

Remote Peer Support

Available via phone & Zoom. Tues, Weds & Thurs 10am - 5pm. Mia Morris - 07935359235 Saffron Sydeki - 07526100458 Available to Wandsworth and South West London residents.

About Us

We're knowledgeable about making a difference

What is Canerows?

Canerows is a user led service working to improve the lives of people who are overcoming mental health issues, particularly people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds who are over-represented in the mental health system.

Canerows is based at Sound Minds, a multi-award winning user-led mental health arts charity in Battersea. 

In 2016 Sound Minds was privileged to be commissioned by Mind to organise Peerfest, the annual national conference and celebration of peer support.

What is Mama Low's Kitchen?

Mama Lows Kitchen is a user led drop-in based at the Katherine Low Settlement SW11 3HP.

Mama’s is open every Friday throughout the year. As well as a low cost meal there is internet access and peer support, and a programme of outings and other activities.

Mama’s is open to Wandsworth residents only and is free to attend.

Contact Sound Minds, call in, or download the referral form.

Need some help?

Call if you would like someone to meet with you for
a coffee, help with shopping, or to link up with local facilities
and services.

020 7207 1786

Meet Our Team

Ward visitors support others from the perspective of people who have been through similar experiences. 

Roger Brooks

Ward Visitor

My life has improved drastically since I have been a part of Canerows. The project has given me the opportunity to give back to other people with mental health problems the peer support they need.

Cliff Black

Ward Visitor

It has been a very enlightening experience
working with Canerows. I had no preconceived ideas regarding the nature of the work I would be doing, or the type of people I that would be meeting. But being
allowed to be a part of something that makes a very real difference to the
lives of so many people who have so many varying types of personal struggles is
both rewarding and profoundly disturbing at the same time.

Urlene King

Ward Visitor

Being able to help other people on the ward listen to them and be there for them. My experiences and my journey with them. Being able to pass on information and give out leaflets to patients. 

Kezia Grant

Ward Visitor

The project has helped me to be more focused. My approach to mental health has given me insight to mental health illness. It has also helped me to engage with others and work in a team.

Mia Morris OBE

Project Coordinator

Mia been the coordinator of the project for the past three years, and has been involved with Sound Minds for the past 9 years. She is a highly respected member of staff who has lovingly coined the term Goslings to represent all the team at Canerows and Sound Minds. 

Terry-Sue Sinclair Ackah

Ward Visitor

It helped me in a profound way. I am
confident and healthy. It’s quite interesting going onto the wards every week without knowing what to expect. You know that your presence can help someone to overcome their worries or frustration. It gives me a lot more empathy towards the patients knowing that I experienced a similar illness. It is so rewarding knowing that I can be of help others like myself.

Christine Julian-Huxley

Ward Visitor

Being part of Canerows has helped me to cope and manage my own mental health over the years. It has been a positive and hopeful part of my life. It has been such an inspiration and encouragement to be with such a great team of people.

Frances Grace

Ward Visitor

Being a  part of the Ward Visiting team at Canerows has given me the opportunity to meet some of the most fantastic and interesting people, who through no fault of their own have fallen on hard times. It has given me the chance to use my own personal experiences to bring people a little break from the difficulties they are currently experiencing.

Asher Salzman

Ward Visitor

As a ward visitor I like interacting with patients and listening to what they have to say. I also like sharing my own experiences on mental illness with them. I like the feeling of being able to put a smile on someone’s face especially if they are feeling low in mood.

Saffron Sydeki

Ward Visitor

Working at the Canerows project has given me confidence and my self-esteem has increased. Listening to people on the ward and hearing their stories has enabled me to share mine give people hope!

Sandy Grant

Ward Visitor

When I was asked to write a few words about being a ward visitor, I thought back to when I first started and realised just what a profound effect it has had on my life. It’s not that my life was unproductive before, but I didn’t have the same sense of purpose that I have now. 

Sam Cox


I’ve always enjoyed cooking, learning little bits and bobs from my mum growing up. I was in a band called Lights for some years, as a drummer. I then went into a decade long career in events management. I had issues with addiction, but turned it all around three years ago

What Our Client's Say

The Invisible Man
Service User

I have a great time every Friday. The company is fantastic and it’s not far for me to come. I enjoy the company and food and activities I have been coming to Mama Lows even if you’re having a bad day there is always someone to cheer you up.

Adam Sendler
Team Member

Teaching the street jazz dance is always a joy and rewarding seeing the students progress every week. The socializing is good as a great bunch of people we are like a little community.

Adam Sendler
Service User
Mama Lows is always welcoming and inviting. With no prejudices and no discrimination. We all get along together with no arguments and everyone is happy or cheered up, as all activities are open to all and easy to follow and get involved. Even if one doesn’t think one is capable we are encouraged and inspired.
Service User

The thing I most love about Mama Lows is the coming together of everyone- the sense of community and fellowship.

Adam Sendler
Service User

I think that Mama Lows kitchen is good for me because Sam is a great cook and I like playing music on the laptop.

Adam Sendler

What I like about Mama's

Ashley Ghoobin - Meeting people, the outings and the meal.

Henrietha Elumolu - The food, the people and the company.

Nasir Ali - The food and company socializing. Its ice talking to each other and I look forward to it all the time.

Christine Bowyer - I like the interaction and being able to meet people. Lunch is a bonus as well.

Samuel Bannack - Food, company and playing games.

Ashley Ghoobin - Meeting people, the outings and the meal.

Ian Lue Good - Good friendly people. We go on travels, we need to more on a bigger scale, like trips to the theatre.

Jaqueline Cavanagh - The lunch. Sam is good at choosing health food and cooking it. The companionship, sometimes we play games. I reallly look forward to coming each week. There is a lovely atmosphere and I can honestly say that I like everyone that attends.

What I missed during lockdown

Nasir Ali - Missed Mama Low's, my friends, the food at Mama's and not seeing my friend Sam.

Jimi Kwayonro - Public services being open.

Christine Bowyer - Seeing people's faces. Fresh air, being able to go out and human contact with my family. I broke down and cried when I had my first hug with my daughter, this Christmas was the worst one ever.

Asher Salmann - Missed family, had Zoom chats instead.

Sam Cox - Space.

Aisha Ansari - I missed my boyfriend, job and art classes..

Martin Bostic - I missed being around lighthearted people like me.

Suisse Lynch - Well the truth is the world seemed to slow down and go at a pace similar me.

Anonymous 101 - Going for quiet walks.

Henrietha Elumolu - Not being able to meet other people, freedom.

Samuel Bannack - Miss going out to meet friends to socialize, I also missed going to Mama Low's.

Jaquline Cavanagh - People, usual daily activities as I used to attend Mind a few times a week.

Ian Lue - Glad that it is over, very depressing it was terrible.

Cristine Julian Huxley - Meeting up with family and friends face to face!. Having the freedom to travel around and visit art galleries, theaters and cinemas.

Amina Okan - Going to the mosque and my art classes and my studies at South Thames College.

Naseem Hanwell. - Friends, catch ups, going out museums, concerts, theaters, exercise, swimming and the gym and family get together's, volunteering, being able to get up, go out. Support from family, friends organizations, health and welfare support.

Fiona Walker - I missed being able to socialize and the ability to meet up with people or go out an see that people, that's why those calls were so important. Sometimes I feel like I'm still in lock down.

What are your top tips with regards to mental health / well-being and self care?

Sam Cox - I study counselling and that helps me stay aware of my feelings.

Anonymous 01 - Keep a healthy mind, life is a journey, be consistent. Life is a beautiful feeling.

Henrietta Elamolu - Make sure you keep clean, relax your mind, go for long walks, self-love, eat well, open windows for fresh air and play relaxing music.

Christine Bowyer - Mixing with people and talking.

Ashley Ghoobin - Think positive.

Sam Bannock - To get well, be confident and do things. To meet people and exercise. I had a bad back and went swimming. Trying to live independently using the daily hope-faith based service.

Jaqueline Cavanagh - Get plenty of sleep, have a good routine, get out several times a week, do exercise. I attend an exercise class because I'm not very self-disciplined. Have breakfast each day no matter how small. Make sure you have regular veg and fruits.

Asher Salzmann - Its important to get enough exercise, try to eat healthy and stay in touch with family and friends.

Christine Julian Huxley -Take care of yourself, do things you like to do, and relax. Take one day at a time, don't worry about tomorrow, do what you can today. Help someone who could do with a bit of support. Stay connected to others, especially when you feel like isolating yourself. Give some a call or go for a coffee with them.

Nasir Ali - Its important to get enough exercise, go running in the fresh air.

Christine Bowyer - Mixing with people and talking.

Suisse Lynch - Me, I pray, say my prayers every day to help me along the day. Exercise, try to get out every day, try to keep the house in order and also try to cook, which is my next thing to start doing regularly.

Amina Ocan - Eat Healthy, live for each day and try to stay well during the confinement.

Gbenja Ojukoltua - Stay connected, keep on top of things show gratitude.

Naseem Hanwell - Ask for help, it is a sign of strength not weakness. I am not alone, shit happens, listen to your mind and body health. Well being is about you first and foremost. Take small steps, slow and steady. Be kind, love yourself, take care of all of you first before you are able to look after and care for your loved one.

Runa Begum - Routine, structure and eating healthy meals help keep a holistic approach to well being and trying to stick to the same times at bedtime and when you wake up.

Fiona Walker - Develop a routine, even though I struggle with myself.

Justine Ansah - Keep active, eat well, drink sensibly, keep in touch with friends and family. Ask for help if needed, do something your good at, take a break.


20-22 York Road, Battersea, LONDON, SW11 3QA.


020 7207 1786